365 Project: The Wrap-up

So…it’s the middle of February and I’ve finally put together my images from my personal 365 project of 2016.  If you’re not sure what a 365 project is, essentially it’s making the commitment to do something every single day for a year, in my case this meant taking one thoughtfully composed image that is focused on my own family every day of 2016.

I had grand intentions for this project.  I wanted it to be a year to stretch myself as a photographer, to try new ways of shooting and, in the process, further educate myself in my trade. While I didn’t necessarily delve into many new arenas, I came out the other end of this project feeling like I had actually learned quite a bit…about why family photography is so incredibly important and what it means to me.

My biggest take-away?  Realizing that the power of photography for me is its ability to bring you right back to that moment in time when it was captured.  These images will be a thousand times more meaningful to me than they will be to you.  They’re not just pretty pictures of my family, but every single picture reminds me of what life was like on that day.  It’s not just a picture of Leo riding a bike–it was his first time EVER riding a bike.  Sam sitting on the floor looking super sick?  That was the day before he went on a hospital stay for pneumonia.  Potty training!  Oh, how exhausting that was!  All these things that add up to a full, wonderful, challenging, joyful, heartbreaking year for our family.  And those memories are a priceless gift that I gave to myself.

Here is our 2016, if you care to take a look!  Watch in HD for the best viewing (Click on the settings gear in the bottom right corner and set it to 1080 HD).

And in case you don’t feel like watching the whole video, here are a few of my favorites from the year of my Penney boys.