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The Gregory’s in South Lake Union

Griffin is such a cool kid–I love that he had a good chance to show off all his parkour moves during our session spent galavanting around South Lake Union.  Also, if you *haven’t* spent some time galavanting around South Lake Union, I highly recommend it!  So much cool new architecture and beautiful sculptures to check out.  Here are a few of my favorites from their lifestyle session!
south-lake-union-family-seattle-01 south-lake-union-family-seattle-22 south-lake-union-family-seattle-21 south-lake-union-family-seattle-20 south-lake-union-family-seattle-19 south-lake-union-family-seattle-18 south-lake-union-family-seattle-17 south-lake-union-family-seattle-16 south-lake-union-family-seattle-15 south-lake-union-family-seattle-14 south-lake-union-family-seattle-13 south-lake-union-family-seattle-12 south-lake-union-family-seattle-11 south-lake-union-family-seattle-10 south-lake-union-family-seattle-09 south-lake-union-family-seattle-08 south-lake-union-family-seattle-07 south-lake-union-family-seattle-06 south-lake-union-family-seattle-05 south-lake-union-family-seattle-04 south-lake-union-family-seattle-03 south-lake-union-family-seattle-02If you’re interested in spending an hour or two with me during a family lifestyle session, please get in touch for details!  Email me at