An Islamic Engagement: Nabila and Hassen

It was a lovely experience getting to photograph Nabila and Hassen’s Islamic Engagement ceremony.  Not only was it my first time photographing one of these ceremonies, but it was even my first time in a mosque!  While living and working in NYC, I’d had the opportunity to be present for a lot of different cultural celebrations.  I miss that about New York–it’s incredible diversity.

This was an especially cross-cultured engagement, as Hassen is a Pakistani Muslim and Nabila is an Ethiopian Muslim.  The atmosphere was so warm and so welcoming.  Nabila’s father gave a speech after the ceremony (which had to be translated for Hassen’s family), saying that he knows his daughter is honored and well-respected because of all the adornments placed on her that day.

Their hospitality towards each other, and towards me, was incredible–when my coverage of the reception was over, they wouldn’t let me leave without a few heaping platefuls of delicious Ethiopian food for my husband and I to enjoy.  AND helping me pack it so as not to spill in the car.  AND helping me carry it all out!

A wonderful event and I’m so glad I was there to document it.Islamic Engagement Ceremony in Seattle Washington