Juliana and Oliver: A Sammamish Wedding

It seems like it’s something that I say a lot, but this is definitely one of my favorite weddings that I’ve shot.  Having grown my business in NYC, I spent 5 years photographing almost exclusively weddings.  In that huge, amazing city where all the cultures of the world are very well represented, every weekend was something entirely different from the one before.  New traditions to photograph, new religious venues, weddings in the city, weddings upstate…you name it.  Throughout all of that,  I found the the weddings I truly and deeply LOVED photographing were not necessarily the ones with the most extravagant details or at the most impressive venues.  They were the ones that were centered around family connections, and the joy that comes out of them.

That is Juliana and Oliver’s wedding.  They held their ceremony and reception at Juliana’s grandparents’ estate in Sammamish, a beautiful haven tucked away in the woods–kind of an enchanted-feeling place, even for those of us who don’t have the sentimental attachment to it.  The ceremony was in a clearing in the woods, with a simple lace swag as the altar. The reception was set on the tar basketball court in the backyard, surrounded by immense old growth forest.  And the day itself felt like one big group hug between both families.  My favorite was watching the groom’s and bride’s grandparents telling one story after another all night with the help of a translator.   Their differences in culture and language was absolutely no barrier–family is family.

Congratulations, Juliana and Oliver!  I’m so grateful for having been a part of your celebration.