Lovely Little Linnea

Why do I love family lifestyle sessions and family documentary so much?  Because when everyone involved really commits to the idea that we’re just trying to capture real life–plain and simple–that’s when the magic happens, people :)

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The Drogins at Meadowbrook Pond

a family in wedgwood seattle at meadowbrook pond

I love this family oh so much – I’ve been photographing them since little Hannah was just a bump in her momma’s belly and it’s been so much fun watching her and big sister Ruby travel throughout their childhood.  Since I have two little boys myself, I get such a kick out of photographing sisters.  It…

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The Andersons: Family Session

This was my first session with twins, and let me tell you…they are SO. MUCH. FUN!  Especially these little ladies, who are so adventurous that they already have their own climbing wall and are learning to skateboard.  So awesome!   It’s pretty cool when I get to admire a set of two-year-olds for the daring…

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