The Wardners: Family Documentary

Nicole got in touch with me one day, asking if there was any way I could come out to North Dakota and document a day in the life of her and her family on their farm.

Nicole and I grew up together in MN–rode the same bus, joined the same 4-H club, and she was my very first friend in first grade.  She’s the reason I’m “Jenny” to most people–she took the creative liberty with my full name, and it stuck!  And we hadn’t seen or really even talked to each other in over TEN years! So, of course, I was crazy excited at the prospect of getting to spend time with her.

Getting to spend a day documenting their lives meant so much to me–sometimes I don’t realize how much I miss farm life until it’s right in front of me.   Doing chores in the morning, and taking lunch (“dinner”) out the the guys out in the field.  Home haircuts and small town supermarkets.  And seeing Nicole as a mom and wife in this setting was just too perfect.

Thanks so much to Nicole, Cody, Royce, and baby Henry.  I loved every second of this trip.

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